You Should Know

Consumers now want goods packaged in a way that provides them better convenience, dependable confinement, and long-term freshness. SI Industries' resealable solutions surpass those expectations, enhancing your brand appeal while providing an exceptional customer experience on retail shelves and at home.

SI Industries is committed to creating more value for your brands by adding resealable EZ Lock to your products and goods. With unparalleled production capabilities, modern equipment, and world-class manufacturing facilities, we manufacture outstanding zipper profiles that meets the highest standards of quality. Our skilled field service engineers are strategically positioned and ready to offer prompt assistance and knowledge to our clients.


Mission and Vision

We aim to provide high-quality plastic packaging solutions at highly competitive rates to local businesses and international corporations alike. Our services operate at a large scale and we aim to cater to those who need custom packaging solutions for their own needs.

SI Industries is more dedicated than ever to fulfilling the demands of its clients and partners by creating practical products that improve consumers' lives. As the business expands, so does its commitment to being a responsible producer throughout the product life cycle. Every year, the business invests in its production facilities to fulfill the current and future requirements of its consumers. The organization has been thinking long-term and renewing itself since its inception.

To become more sustainable each year, we constantly evaluate our operations, looking for improvements in areas such as facilities management, print management, wastage and resource reduction, recycling, and conservation. We carry extensive industry experience and our packaging professionals have decades of combined expertise.

SI Industries manufactures the highest-grade PE zippers in Pakistan, PP zippers in Pakistan, lamination zippers in Pakistan, and slider zippers in Pakistan. We hope to revolutionize the way that packaging solutions have been provided to businesses. Our goal is to be a leading supplier in the plastic industry of ziplock-related products.

Customization at Its Core

At SI Industries, we collaborate with our clients and partners to implement bespoke packaging solutions that meet their production needs and reflect their brand's vision.

We don't wait for problems with packaging to occur; we have field engineers and experts on your factory line continuously communicating to your team what's working and what isn't, and fine-tuning our own processes as needed.


Business Philosophy and Customer Relationships

At SI Industries, we adhere to a philosophy of no compromise in product quality, which is why we manage to provide the best and most dependable plastic packaging solutions at highly competitive market prices.

We constantly priorities cutting-edge technology and innovative thinking so that we can continue to provide high-grade packaging to our clientele for decades to come. This entails collaborating with you to create your unique package idea. It entails designing, manufacturing, and delivering dependable packaging that not only looks great on the shelves but also is practical and convenient to use. It entails assisting you in person with application issues.

Our customers like collaborating with us. Their connection with us extends beyond our packaging capabilities. They can see our excitement, knowledge, and, most importantly, our commitment to providing high-quality solutions.