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Muriel Al-Mufti

8Se7en Hadayana Collaboration In the Area of Feminine Hygiene

On account of the refugee crises around the Arab world, as well as the pressures on disposable income, 8Se7en approached Hadayana Clothing Manufacturing and Trading Company last year to partner up on the creation and development of consumable products that would reduce the cost per household, starting with feminine hygiene products.

Are Motivation, Engagement, and Rewards Enough?

People require a lot more support now than they did before the pandemic. In his book that keeps on giving, Managing Oneself, Peter Drucker raises these points that are very pertinent to what we’re going through: “Only when you operate from a combination of your strengths and self-knowledge can you achieve true – and lasting – excellence”. He tells us that in order to live a life of excellence, we must ask ourselves these questions: What are our strengths? How do we perform? What are our values? Where do we belong? What should we contribute?

In Search of The Silver Lining, Part – 2: This Too Shall Pass

Indeed, circumstances are severe. The Sufi wisdom “this too shall pass” can be a soothing reminder that the nature of life and the human condition are changeable, circumstances transient. Permanence is a character or state belonging to nothing and no one of this universe. This too shall pass, but in what condition will we be when it does? Better or worse than times before the pandemic?

The Evaluation of The Quality of Hiring Decisions

First Who, Then What? – get the right people on the bus, a concept developed in Good to Great by Jim Collins – is crucial if the lessons from the global downturn 2007- 2008 have managed to get engrained into our organizational cultures and processes’ DNAs. The stakes now are higher than ever. Persistent wrong hiring for an SME may lead to annihilation and its valuable economic contribution and job creation potential along with it.

The Real World of A Child – Entry By Invitation Only

Music and arts and crafts education develop children’s manual dexterity, teamwork, discipline, self-confidence, provide an outlet for creativity and a constructive release of energy – Where angels play, the devil has no playground. Music and art also enable us to elevate into a different type of humans altogether where we no longer think about what makes us different from one another, but they join us in a bond of humanity.

Resiliency In Children For The 21st Century In Pandemic Times

I had the pleasure of working with Miss Tammy Tusek during her tenure at Dubai Arabian American School (DAAS) where she occupied the position of Principal. Considering her success in school performance turnaround, I was thrilled when she accepted to share some of her thoughts on the evolution in education and the integration of technology in the classroom.