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The use of Zippers in various packaging on rise, especially in PE & PP Bags. Our zippers are suitable for both type of materials and offered in Roll and Bulk Packaging.

From the exterior, it is simple to open, yet the interior is secure and protects items effectively. Give your product the benefit of SI Industries' EZ Lock whether you are launching a new product, rebranding a fading product, revitalizing a mature brand, or just enhancing shelf presence.

Why Zipper Plastic Bags?

Closures should be chosen based on the package's "best fit for usage" and the best customer experience. The choice of closure is as important as the choice of package material and artwork. Why? Closures are made to function in a variety of ways, protect an assortment of goods, and alleviate certain customer pain points.


A package closing is one of the most important moments of customer contact with a brand, yet not all of them are made equal. Our closures – including PE zippers, 3mm zippers, and slider zippers – tend to offer the much-appreciated time-saving convenience or ease-of-use to consumers. The closure - and all of the advantages that come with it - are one of the most important features that customers look for in flexible packaging.

Flang Zipper

To produce a sealed bag, flange zippers utilize interlocking pieces that seal and safeguard your contents. The distinct texture between the zippers reassures the consumer that the bag has been securely closed. Our flange and double-flange zippers offer superior closing strength and protection - enabling these bags to carry a broad range of products, such as food items, clothing, footwear, and whatnot! S.I. Industries offer grades with various width / sizes and special Low-Temperature Sealing grades.

String Zipper

String zippers are a cheaper alternative that gives poly packaging the convenience of a reclosable zipper. Most bagging equipment is usually compatible with them. If you would like your zipper to take up the least amount of space for a clean and minimalist look for your brand, our string zipper is a perfect choice.


As a standard, our heavy-duty and low-cost string zippers have a high-performance sealing layer to make fine-tune adjustments easy. Unlike traditional zippers, our high-quality plastic string zippers are highly compatible with most packaging and bagging techniques and can be used to pack a variety of goods and items.

Slider Zipper(Tamper Evident)

You can find the tools you are looking for at Industrial. We carry power tools, air tools and hand tools.

Sensory Zipper

Our Sensory Zipper is the latest addition to our re-closable zipper line, highly regarded for added functionality to product packaging, adding value to your brands, and improving customer satisfaction. If you are looking for a secure, effortless, and reliable packaging, then our Sensory Zipper promises innovative and cost-effective for packing grains, pet food, chemicals, and even detergents. Manufactured using LDPE and sealed with PE films, our Sensory Zipper offers a powerful closure for on-the-go pouches and a sleek, triple lock design to minimize product spillage.

Slider Zipper

You can find the tools you are looking for at Industrial. We carry power tools, air tools and hand tools.

Tearing / Pocket Zipper

You can find the tools you are looking for at Industrial. We carry power tools, air tools and hand tools.


Consumers who don't have a zipper or slider must roll and crush packages closed, or apply some kind of glue. All of these alternatives are prone to opening and their contents losing their freshness.

Adding a zipper to flexible packaging enables your products to be self-contained, keeping moisture-sensitive goods fresher for longer. Your offering must, at the end of the day, sell itself in the market. Are the value-added characteristics obvious to a customer when comparing two packages, one of which has a closure and the other does not? Conveying this unique selling point ends up being largely beneficial for your brand.

One such type of zipper plastic bag is the press-to-close zipper, also known as the flange zipper. Consumers physically tear the flanges apart and push the interlocking 'ribs' of the zipper together with their fingertips while using press-to-close zippers. Press-to-close zippers are often used by brands seeking a cost-effective option while also providing customer convenience. These zippers strike a good balance between features and price, while still offering ease of use.

While the cost is little in comparison to the overall package cost, it provides a substantial level of value that may be the deciding factor in a customer choosing your product over a competitor's. Our press-to-close zippers are available in a variety of styles to suit your brand's goals and needs.

Consumers benefit from the ease and performance of our slider zippers. The slider component guides the zipper tracks into position from a functional standpoint. It's just more convenient for customers, and the slider component helps them to fully seal a box from one end to the other. Without a slider piece, customers may start sealing from the center and work their way outwards, possibly resulting in open air holes in the zipper track.

According to Harris Research, consumers would spend up to 14% extra for packaging that can be reclosed . When a slider zipper is used in conjunction with the right product, the increased convenience and customer experience exceed the cost of the package. Sliders, like press-to-close zippers, come in a variety of sizes and shapes to suit different applications.